The Good and the Also Good: Edinburgh’s Museums.

There is a quite phenomenal selection of museums in our fair city and I for one, despite living here so long, am not sure that I am yet to actually properly visit all of them. As is so often the case with these things, when something is on your doorstep no one moment really seems the moment to go and try it out. I always find that I see these types of things only really when I have visitors visiting! Visitors keen to see the sights, to see the real Edinburgh (which apparently does not include the inside of my flat and the bottle of a wine bottle on a friday night!). With them in tow I am suddenly reborn as the ultimate culture vulture, I want to take them to all my ‘favourite‘ art galleys (that I totally haven’t been to before) and all the most amazing walks (that I’ve never walked before) and last, but not least, Edinburgh’s fantastic and varied museums.

The good: The Museum of Childhood.


When it was established in 1957 the Museum of childhood was a global first, a complete maverick. Even the concept of a museum celebrating a concept in the way that they hoped to was unheard of too most. The entirety of the museum is child-centric, but it is wonderfully engaging to child and adult alike: children get a window into what they’re life experience might have been like in a different period, and adults can maybe see a little of their own childhood given back to them. The great thing about this is that it focuses on one thing that children and adults have in common: the experience of being a child. All adults where once children, and this is a fact perhaps to often left on both parties in the parental relationship. The Museum of Childhood reminds us of this is in a sweet and engaging way. A fantastic place!

The also good: The Writers Museum.

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For all you literary buffs and fans out there The Writers Museum is the place to go. A beautiful setting contains an amazing collection of memorabilia and objects of interest related to many of the great writers to put pen to paper in our great city. The collection is based in Lady Stair’s House, a beautiful 17th century town house bought in 1719 by the long suffering widow of the Early of Stair (giving it the name that has stuck to this day). Its key claim to importance is perhaps the items it contains that relate to Scotland’s three greatest authors: Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson and Robert Burns. Including early editions of their work, personal effects and a old rocking horse (you’ll have to visit to find out to whom that belonged to!). It’s a great place, a fascinating place and also just a beautiful place. So get down there!

Well there you go…

Well there you go! This week in The Good and The Also Good I’ve shown you my two favourite museums in this incredible city, but where do you recommend? Let us know in the comments below. Until then, get out and get adventuring!

The Good and the Also Good: Edinburgh’s Museums.

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