The Edinburgh Issue. Edition One: Parking, People and Airports.

About a month ago, a man reached down into the foot well of his Mercedes to pick up a lone pound coin that he had dropped. His fingers stretched, they brushed something that felt like the coin. Was it the coin? Try again. He was straining and struggling, he strained and struggled. Then quite by accident, by some mistake of some outstretched limb or another, he put his vehicle in gear and flew through a parking barrier, destroying it. A nation rejoiced.

2014 Commonwealth Games

A nation celebrated because the barrier in question was ‘the most hated parking barrier in Scotland’ it was the barrier for the notorious charged drop off area at Edinburgh Airport. Introduced in 2010, the drop off area at the international Airport began charging £1 for all drivers who wished to enter the area to drop of friends or family who were getting on a place.

This caused much consternation among drivers who would now be paying for the most momentary of invasions into the airport. The irritation at this was most likely part of a wider outrage at the prices often charged for parking at airports generally, where there is certainly a constant feeling that airports will happily abuse the necessity of parking for travelers to charge mind boggling amounts. Not long ago Edinburgh Airport had raised this charge to £3 for those who spend more than 5 minutes in the drop off area, they claim this is to “cope with increased passenger numbers, enhance service and to simplify use for drivers” but the people clearly do not really see this as reasonable, so when this happened…

barrier crash

… people were happy to be happy about it. For some, these drop of charges are just an attempt to push those dropping people of toward actually parking up at the airport, which can cost even more money. It sounds about right: you can imagine the people who manage the place being very keen on the idea of pushing people toward paying up for that parking space the park. Some airports in the world make up to 20% of their revenue from parking, which is quite insane.

There are ways of trying to avoid charges, I used a car parking comparison tool I found ( to help with the price of Edinburgh Airport parking, but what really needs to happen is a wholesale change to how airport car parks are run. The calls for this are getting louder and the animosity between parkers and airports is getting worse.

This is a service that needs to be provided, but there must be a way of providing it at an affordable price. With cheap flights being so cheap these days, its common place for the price of parking to be more than your flight, which is clearly insane. Any suggestions for how to solve this problem? We’d love to hear from you.

The Edinburgh Issue.  Edition One: Parking, People and Airports.

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